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Zero risk weight loss

Lose weight first and only then decide whether you are happy and willing to pay for the slimming pack.... or not.
We could list dozens of reasons here (including 1,700 reviews by verified clients with an average score of 4.3 out of 5!) why you should buy this package today for 0 euro. The most important one is probably that this is the ideal slimming cure for those who do NOT WANT TO TAKE ANY RISK!
  • You order this slimming cure today 
  • You receive it at home within the next few days
    You pay for it 1 month later ONLY IF YOU ARE SATISFIED! And because you are acting today, you also enjoy a 30% discount.

1 complete SkinnyLove weight loss pack + 1 handy shaker + 3 boxes of SkinnyLove crackers

Normal price = 125,45 euro - today only 88,- (30% discount)

which you pay 0 euro for today via Klarna!

(you can keep the crackers and shaker anyway)

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After you have clicked on that add to basket button, you will be taken to a page where you will see this:

You click on the green button where it says 'CHECKOUT'. Then you will see this:

You fill in your details there, so that we know who and where to send this free pack to. Once you have done this, click on the green button that says 'Continue to Shipping'.

Then you will see this appear, but NOTE, at the bottom you will see that green button that says "Go to payment", but that actually means "Go to payment or choose deferred payment via Klarna" (only that doesn't quite fit in that button, but you can be 100% sure it applies!)

If both boxes are correct, now click on the green button that says " Continue to Payment". Don't worry, this is correct!
If something is wrong in one of the boxes at the top, you can correct it by clicking the word 'Change' one the right side.

Once you have clicked on the green button, you will see this appear:

And here is the key to not paying; you click on the bottom option. Where it says "Klarna: Pay later". Once you do this, that part of the form opens up and this appears (you may have to scroll down a bit to see the green button at the bottom):

You then click on the green button that says 'Complete order'.

This will automatically take you to the external website of payment partner Klarna. There you simply follow Klarna's instructions.

As a result, we send you your package the next working day.
You start using it and begin to experience the SkinnyLove slimming effects.
Between the 21st and 25th day after your order, you have the right to contact our customer service team at +32479541195 to indicate that you are not satisfied with the results and that you do not wish to pay for the product. When you do so, we will cancel the payment with Klarna and you will not have to pay anything!


"We know that this is probably not the first time you have thought about losing weight. Like me, you may have tried all kinds of diets in the past and tried numerous products that made all kinds of promises. Only to be disappointed by the results every time. So I understand perfectly how you feel, because I have walked in your shoes.
That is why I want to help you at my risk. Without exercising, I overcame my life-threatening obesity (I weighed an alarming 100 kilos in 2016 😱).

I was the typical bon vivant who bought clothes in sizes 3XL (sometimes 4XL).

I lost a lot of weight in one year. Everyone wanted to know the secret of my weight loss and I finally launched SkinnyLove. Now, 6 years later, I still receive daily messages from brave SkinnyLovers with moving stories about their incredible weight loss journey.

You're right to be sceptical. So was I in 2016 after all those disappointments. What I can promise you is that the following results are now within reach for you too:

1. A body you are proud of
2. A fit body that allows you to truly enjoy life to the full. In all areas imaginable. Whether in your daily intimate life or in your social life.
3. Experiencing admiration when people look at your new self and can't help but admire your results.

That's why we take all the risk! You order slimming products for 125 euros (SkinnyLove treatment + handy shaker + 3 boxes of SkinnyLove slimming crackers) and pay 0 euros.
If you are satisfied, and only if YOU DECIDE that you are, after one month you pay 88 euros (that is 125 euros minus the 30% discount you are now securing)."

  • When ordering, select Klarna* as the payment method.
  • Order today and the treatment will be delivered to your home in the next few days. You start right away.
  • Klarna will send you a payment request 30 days after your order.
  • Between the 21st day and the 26th day at the latest after your order you can contact our customer service if you are not 100% satisfied with your results. Just tell Nicky at our Customer Service and she will make sure Klarna doesn't send you a payment request on the 30th day! It's as simple as that. This means that you can't give up after a few days because you don't like the taste of the cures, for instance. To be eligible for the 'non payment', you must actually use the cure every day for at least 21 days after ordering!
  • From 27 days onwards it is unfortunately no longer possible to cancel the purchase and you simply pay your treatment to our partner Klarna.

*this offer is subject to approval of your order by external partner Klarna.

You have nothing to lose..... except your kilos!

1 full SkinnyLove weight loss cure + 1 handy shaker + 3 boxes of SkinnyLove crackers
Regular price = 125,45 euro - today only 88,- (30% discount)
(you can keep the crackers and shaker anyway)
Today you pay 0 euro for this via Klarna!



"I have tried many diets, almost every approach or solution on the market... some even several times; and each time I got disappointing results. Some worked for a short while, then I reached a plateau and tried something else. Or worse, I had to deal with the yo-yo effect, with which you are probably also familiar. Losing weight and gaining as much, or sometimes even more, again. This treatment really works, it keeps all its promises! Because I have been using SkinnyLove for about 3 weeks now and I have already lost a whole size in clothing. Without changing anything else... I also have a lot more energy and - according to my boyfriend - my skin is glowing!!! If you want to feel better about yourself and get compliments like that, try SkinnyLove. I love it 💚"
Deborah F., Eeklo, Belgium
(verified customer)

Read what some SkinnyLove Slimming Cure users have to say about it:

Danny D.V.: "Highly recommended, been on it for a week and already lost a few kg."

Vicky F. "SkinnyLove is the best thing that has happened to me it has changed my life it has become a part of my life never want to be without it I feel better in my skin thanks to this super product."

Elise H. : "Every day I wake up, look in the mirror and every time it's less belly fat. I've tried a lot without results, but this product is unique. I eat normally and still lose belly fat. It's fantastic."

Maggy V.A.: "Super satisfied. Really works."

Sabine H.: "Less appetite for sweets and a faster feeling of being filled."

Anja I.: "Tried everything and nothing helped. I didn't believe in it anymore and after a few days I am amazed, finally something that works. Strange but true, my craving for lots of food or sweets is gone."

Linda D.W.: "-13kg in 7 months and they have been staying off for 5 months."

Rita K.: "It is a very good product. I lose weight with it without actually watching what I eat and I have a lot of energy."

You do realize that, as a Belgian company with a permanent address in Kontich near Antwerp, we have not taken the trouble to make up thousands of testimonials. We have thousands of real customers with real success stories. From people who wanted to lose a few kilos to someone who has lost almost 50!


Because we have already tested this locally - with exactly the same slimming package at exactly the same conditions. It turned out that 92% of the users were so satisfied with their weight loss results that they were happy to pay for the package after 30 days. Only 8% were disappointed and consequently did not pay a penny!

So don't hesitate for a second and just do it. You really have nothing to lose but your excess pounds!

But we have further reasons to do so now. To take all the risk now.

  • We are changing our packaging soon, so that we will use 88% less plastic. Because we want to be sustainable and help make a better world.
  • This is almost certainly the very last time that we will be offering such a large discount (because the high-quality ingredients we use in the SkinnyLove weight-loss cure are currently rising sharply in price).
  • The standard price of our cures will have to be adjusted soon.

So we thought, we'll let people who have never enjoyed the SkinnyLove effect try it NOW AT OUR RISK.

What is SkinnyLove?

Your SkinnyLove slimming cure* is a mix that makes you lose weight easily*. Thanks to a unique and precise combination of 100% natural ingredients that really work.


1 full SkinnyLove weight loss cure + 1 handy shaker + 3 boxes of SkinnyLove crackers
Regular price = 125,45 euro - today only 88,- (30% discount)
(you can keep the crackers and shaker anyway)
Today you pay 0 euro for this via Klarna!

Instructions for use

It is ideal to build up the use of SkinnyLove over several weeks.

  • Drink the green cure in the morning and the orange cure in the afternoon.

It is very important to build up slowly.

The first few days you start with half a measuring spoon that you mix with 750 ml of water. During the first few days, you may feel something happening in your digestive system. Some rumbling perhaps. This is normal and is a healthy reset of your bowels.
Gradually build up. The aim is that after the first 2 or 3 days, you switch to 1 scoop and gradually work towards optimal use.

Optimal use is to dissolve 4 level measuring spoons (20g) of both the morning cure (green) and the afternoon cure (orange) in 750ml of cold or warm water. Shake well before drinking.



Ingredients per measuring spoon: Acacia senegal, fruitvezels [Citrus limon, Citrus paradisi, Opuntia ficus-indica, Malus domestica], Camellia sinensis, Zingiber officinale, Coffea arabica L., kruidenmix [Urtica dioica, Ocinum basilicum, Rosmarinus officinales].

Ingredients per measuring spoon: Acacia senegal, fruitvezels [Citrus limon, Citrus reticulata, Opuntia ficus-indica, Ananas comosus], Curcumu longa, Zingiber officinale, Cinnamomum cassia, Piper nigrum), Cuminum cymimum.

The way you use this slimming cure is very simple. You drink it with and/or between your normal meals. It is not a meal replacement! You continue to eat well.

That is all there is to it. This is perhaps the easiest and most effective slimming method ever developed. These are not laxatives or diuretics. It is a truly effective slimming cure.

It is not a gimmick. It is the result of my many years of research into the fat metabolism of the body and into weight loss.
And most importantly: it works!


1 full SkinnyLove weight loss cure + 1 handy shaker + 3 boxes of SkinnyLove crackers
Regular price = 125,45 euro - today only 88,- (30% discount)
(you can keep the crackers and shaker anyway)
Order today, choose Klarna as payment method, and pay 0 euro for it now
The reason why this slimming cure works so well to eliminate excess body fat is because of the way the ingredients:
  • interact
  • boost your metabolism
  • reduce the fat retention of your body
  • powerfully reduce your craving for sweets
  • strongly reduce your hunger feeling 
To receive such a great product now, click on one of the buttons. But don't wait too long, because every day that goes by that you don't tackle your body fat properly, that nasty excess fat gets more and more chance to cling to your body and organs, making it that much harder to get rid of.
This is your chance to finally get that beautiful figure you can be proud of.
Without any risk. Because you pay NOTHING when you order. YOU decide after 3 weeks if you want to pay or not and let us know.


Allergens / certificates

Slimming¹, fat burning², energy boost⁵, good for the skin⁷, detox, vegan, halal, source of fibre, no added sugar, no added salt, lactose free, gluten free


At room temperature


1 full SkinnyLove weight loss cure + 1 handy shaker + 3 boxes of SkinnyLove crackers
Regular price = 125,45 euro - today only 88,- (30% discount)
(you can keep the crackers and shaker anyway)

Don't forget to select Klarna as your payment method. Otherwise, you won't be able to benefit from our "no satisfaction, no payment" policy. And that's exactly how you'll pay 0 euro for your weight-loss package today.